Will China’s Outrageous Rare Earth Monopoly Persist?

Rare earth elements (REEs) are anything but rare in their industrial uses. These 17 elements are critical, albeit in miniscule quantities, for the production of most high-tech products today such as mobile phones, wind turbines, and high-definition TVs. China’s rare earth deposits are vast, but not at all proportional to the staggering 97% percent of the market supply it holds. This instance of a near-total monopoly has persisted for two decades, but it is uncertain whether it will continue for much longer as other countries’ reevaluate the rare earth supply as a security concern?

FULL STORY: https://graphitepublications.com/will-chinas-outrageous-rare-earth-monopoly-persist/

Will China’s Outrageous Rare Earth Monopoly Persist?

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